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OPENING SPECIAL R??? SAVE R1500      TEL: 011 462 7654/5 GPS: 26° 01' 40.1"S   27° 58' 38.3" E e-mail: Booking Essential   We have been in the Car Fitment

 To reduce the risk of vehicles being stolen, from the first of September 2012 all new vehicles must have microdots. The way the technology works, is that the entire vehicle is sprayed with 10 000 dots that are 1mm in diameter. The glue is used

Living on the highveld can literally be like living in a furnace when the car aircon is not working. We can check your aircon in your car free of charge and if it needs regassing we have a professional team that can assist you. Some of the vehicles

To ensure your car is still there where you left it, it is advisable to have an car alarm immobilizer fitted to your vehicle. LCFC uses the Sanji and Auto Watch products. If you have a car alarm installed in your vehicle you may very well qual

  Parrot Bluetooth car kits are one of the leading brands of hands free car kits. So many of us find ourselves in our cars for extended periods of time. During this time it is almost impossible not to use your cell phone. This can be extremel

Kenwood Sony LG Pioneer  
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