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Feel Safe In Your Car

  The criminals that stand on the side of the road and watch you driving past are not stupid. They watch you driving the same route every day.  Every day at the same time they see you driving past in your car feeling safe listening to your favourite morning show.

You are in your personal space that is safe behind the glass that you would not be able to break easily. The windows keep even the worst of weather out, so no-one should be able to just get into your car.

When someone approaches your car at the traffic light, you just need to wind up the window and you are safe from them. We all do it every day.

Then one day in a blur someone is in your car leaning over you grabbing your cell phone, your handbag, your laptop. You are covered in glass, trying to fight for your life and just like that they are gone.

You sit there in a daze feeling glad that that is over, that you survived an attack without getting badly hurt. Then you realise that all your personal stuff is gone. Your purse, your credit cards, your driver�s license, your ID, your cell with all your numbers and your lap top all gone. Now the real nightmare begins.

You have to go to the police station and be treated like a criminal because you were somehow negligent and allowed someone to steal your stuff. Then you have to cancel all your cards re-apply for an ID and a driver�s license.

Take a week out of your life and see if you can get yourself back to where you were. It took me a lot longer than that.

All this could have been avoided if only I had been smart and fitted smash and grab to my windows.

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